5am Club: Learn the Secret of Success

Book Summary: 5 am Club By Robin Sharma

This book by Robin Sharma, who is a well respected leadership guru is a global best seller.

The Book talks about the science and wisdom behind waking up early at 5am.

If you want to be like the top 5%, you need to stop acting like the 95%.

In fact, the Alarm never fails, it rings on exact time, the Time that you planned to wake up, but you still Snooze it and take that extra few minutes Nap.

This is what an average person does, wake up and let the day take over.

Waking up at 5am will start your day with purpose and energy, a pattern that will help you accomplish more and increase your mental and physical health.

Here is the most important lesson from the book which we want you to practice and use.

Don’t waste time when you wake up early, use the 20/20/20 formula.

Dedicate the first hour for 3 things, Your Body, Your Soul and Your Mind.

The first 20 mins. should consist of exercises that make your body sweat. Sweating decreases cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress and fear. Getting sweaty can help you think quicker. Sweat also releases BDNF, the brain-repairing neurotropic factor, which helps in creation of new neural pathways and also repairs brain cells.

The next 20-minutes dedicate for your soul, practice reflection and meditation. The reflection should be on getting positive inspirations and peace.  Take the time to focus on what you want out of the day before you get distracted. Meditation will help you relax and gain peace of mind, a perfect state of mind to get the best out of our life and day.

Finally, the last 20 mins dedicate to your Mind, help it to learn and grow. Spend time reading and learning. Learn from books related to self development. Gather knowledge (avoid news paper and fiction). One of the most common secret of ultra-rich billionaires across the world is that they continuously learn and read.

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