Book Summary: YOU CAN WIN By Shiv Khera

You Can Win, By Shiv Khera

Here are the 10 important learning from this Amazing book. This is a life changing book and everyone who have dreams should read it.

  1. Positive Attitude is the key to success. 85% of the time, success is a result of positive attitude.
  2. Attitude is determined by Environment, Experience and Education.  Be alert and analyze how these 3 factors are affecting your attitude towards life.
  3. Proactively build a “HABIT” of being positive towards life’s event. It is easy to build such habits, start now.
  4. Ego, procrastination, No plan, lack of training are some of the hurdles for success.
  5. People who overcome obstacles are more successful and those who never faced them. So look at obstacles as an opportunity.
  6. Building positive self Esteem is important. Read life histories of great people. Take inspirations from them.
  7. Self esteem is different than ego. It is about realizing your true worth.
  8. Have well defined Goals (meaningful ones), Write them down and keep visualizing. Glance thru these written goals at least once a Day.
  9. Your subconscious mind is very powerful. Building Positive Habits is one way of enhancing your subconscious capabilities.
  10. Have Strong Values and Vision. How would you like to be remembered? Outcomes in your life should revolve around this question.
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