Concept of Finergy and its role in your Success

FINERGY means Financial Energy, it is the parameter to check your financial fitness.

Most of us only know about physical and Mental Energy, Financial energy is a new subject.

All these three energies (mental, physical and Financial) are interdependent and you need to dedicate equal focus on all of them.

Absence of any one of these will make your life incomplete. Having Money without Mental peace or Physical Health is useless, similarly without money your mental and physical health can suffer.

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Let me share few tips on how can you maintain High Finergy

  • Spend within your limits: Overspending is one of the most common cause of weak financial health. Ideally one should limit their expenses to 30% of their income.

It is observed that those who maintain their expenses below 30% have higher amount of wealth in long run.

  • Build Emergency Fund: Recent Covid-19 crisis has shattered so many well to do high earning people. Most of them were not prepared to face 3 months income loss.

Those having emergency cash back-up faced this crisis with smile and the lock-down was a life time opportunity for a quality family time.

We strongly suggest you should have at least 3 times of your current monthly income in Fixed Deposit or as cash in hand.

  • Grow Not Save: In our country we often believe that savings and investments are synonymous, and hence most of us look at our bank balance as our wealth.

If your investment is not giving you returns more than the current inflation rate, don’t call it as INVESTMENT, call it anything else but not investment. The amount beyond your emergency fund should be invested in instruments like mutual funds, Shares, equity etc with a clear objective of getting more than 12-15% returns in long run.

If you are someone who dream’s of happiness and comfort, High Finergy is very important for you.

You should get started with checking you “Finergy level” and understand where you need to improve.

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This check-up with tell you about the various parameters that affect your financial health and will help you get tips to manage these parameters.


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