Role of a Fund Manager in Mutual Fund Schemes

While watching Live Telecast on TV, The Master Blaster Tendulkar misses a full tossed ball and our country jumps to analysis, they want to give tips now, on how Tendulkar could have Hit the Ball to a Six Runs with cross bat pull shot.

It’s easy to analyse and give tips then to actually face the speeding ball under pressure.

The point here is that to play cricket on the field you need to have lots of practice, Make it your full time profession and have the required coaching to do it, Off course Talent is the ultimate gift you need to have.


Similarly, Share Market investments also require professional qualities, time and research and a talent to succeed in it.

A retail investor lacks expertise in equity markets; he/she does have time and resources to do a dedicated job.

Buying and selling share directly without knowledge is a crisis in making, direct equity investors have continuously suffered bcoz of their unprofessional decisions related to buying and selling of equity shares. Especially, the small retail investors.

Mutual fund as a product tries to eliminate these drawbacks for retail investors.

A Mutual fund scheme compulsorily appoints a fund manager, a professionally qualified expert in the field of investments, one who is full time dedicated to this job.

His/Her role as a Fund manager is defined below:

  • Primarily research and determine the best stocks, bonds, or other securities to fit the strategy of the fund as outlined in the prospectus, then buy and sell them.
  • Responsible for managing a team of investment analyst.
  • Must have great business, math, and people skills.
  • Most fund managers often pursue a chartered financial analysts (CFA)
  • Preparing reports for clients on how well the fund is performing. Also report the Gains and losses from time to time.

Mutual fund Schemes have now emerged as the best option for investments especially for small retail investors. Most of the fund managers in the industry are highly capable and are monitored regularly by the fund houses.

This professional system ensures that the investor’s money is both safeguarded and grown.


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