Who Moved My Cheese-Book Summary by Siddhi

This book Summary is written by our Team member Siddhi Pawar

Who Moved My Cheese should be applied to your own life,  this book teaches us to stop fearing about what lies ahead and instead motivates us to thrive in an environment of change and uncertainty for achieving growth and be success.

Anticipating and Preparing for Change will always upgrade your life.

Who moved my cheese revolves around the four characters who live in a maze. Sniff , Scurry, Hem and Haw. They are divided into 2 teams and are left in the maze to explore on their own.

Sniff and Scurry in one team and Hem and Haw in second.

All 4 of them love cheese.

Both teams find some cheese in the maze, the story revolves around how they react after they find the cheese.

obviously the cheese starts to disappears when it is consumed,

So Sniff and Scurry realizing that the cheese is disappearing heads into the maze to search for new cheese while Hem and Haw feel betrayed and start complaining that someone had stolen their cheese from them. Hem and Haw waste their time and energy believing that their old cheese will return.

After several days, Haw looses hope and realizes that the old cheese would not return and he decides to head into the maze to search for new cheese  and He tries to convince his partner Hem, but Hem acts stubborn and only wants his old cheese back.

So the Haw starts exploring the maze alone for more cheese, in his journey in the maze, he writes whatever lesson he learns on the wall believing that one day Hem might move on and start finding new cheese.

At the end, Haw finds a huge place filled with cheese in that maze and discovers that Sniff and Scurry had already been there.

Here are 3 lessons about cheese and what you should do when someone moves yours :

  1. Thinking too much about your cheese might paralyze you so just start looking for new things in life.
  2. Nothing lasts forever, So o keep your eyes open for approaching new changes and start upgrading
  3. You can always find new cheese, and the minute you start moving things will get better.


Miss Siddhi  is our Experienced Back office team mate and has developed expertise in General insurance especially motor insurance.

she can be contacted at siddhi@besmartgoa.com

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