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Happy NEW Habit 2022

We are Gifting You a Healthy Habit in 2022.

Our New Year’s Gift to you. 
Take the First Step towards Health and Fitness 
Success = Fit Body + Fit Mind + Fit Money

Finergy is your financial energy which makes your money fit. For success you need to have your mind fit, body fit and money fit. We want each one of you to get into a healthy habit. So this new year we want to promote a Habit that gives you the first step towards a healthy body. This contest is about one of these 3 fitness habits of having fit body, fit mind and fit money. To start with the habit of having fresh juices and salads at least once in your weekly meals. We will help you to develop this habit by sponsoring it to you for a month and make sure you will continue this habit after that.



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Win a Healthy Gift Hamper

  • Gift Hamper will include a Month long subscription of Salads and Juices Free of cost.
  • You can place order for 1 salad and 1 juice jar per week for entire Jan 2022 from Swiggy and Zomato menu.
  • Your order will be delivered to your address/location within 1 hour.
  • Delivery limited to Goa only.

* You need to select your choice of salad and the restaurant and call us to give those details, we will then place the order, pay for it and deliver the same to you within 1 hour.

** Maximum Amount per Juice Rs. 200/- and Salad Rs. 250/-

It’s not about winning Gift Hamper, It’s about Winning a NEW HABIT.